U14 Girls Raiders
Sat 16 Sep 2023  ·  OGFL U14 A League
Barton United FC
U14 Girls Raiders
Summertown Stars AFC U14 Ladies Jaguars
Barton Raiders Vs Summertown Jaguars

Barton Raiders Vs Summertown Jaguars

Luke Cuff17 Sep 2023 - 07:48
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Barton Raiders Vs Summertown Jaguars

Match Report -
Barton Raiders U14 - 4
Summertown Jaguars - 0
Match started with Barton on the front foot - some crisp passing along the midfield ( Sienna, Leiah, Macie & Lara) made it very difficult for Summertown to get an early foot hold, with a lot of the possession Barton started finding gaps in the Summertown defence - Ruby and Isla making life very difficult for the defenders with some great runs with and without the ball!
Then on 10mins Leiah had a shot, the Summertown players hands were out and ref had no option to give a penalty! In what seemed like for ever - Lara (reluctantly) took the ball with no one else stepping up, and hit it over the bar! - usually this will have a detrimental affect on a players game, but on this occasion it was the reverse, with the next 5mins Lara took no prisoners and was more determined than ever!
Then finally the goal came - Macie picking up the ball from a Lois pass - another great ball through saw Ruby burst away from the defence, With the keeper making a great save, she couldn’t do anything about Ruby’s follow up, finding the net and given the Raiders there deserved lead!
The next 10-15mins saw Summertown have a spell of possession and the Raiders back line now being tested! Most of the time in the break- Lois & Mya-Rose been given a roles by Luke to stay with their dangerous attackers and was doing this perfectly!
Kiki & Melissa both working well together and managing to clear the ball when in danger and passing the ball out when having time to do so!
Paris coming on, on her second game for the team and fitting straight in, combining well with Lara & Isla and also getting some important tackles in.
2nd half started exactly the same as the first Caitlin not having a great deal to do, playing on her 18yard box and collecting a few long balls over the top!
Eva coming on and working extremely hard, not giving up on any ball!
Barton’s second goal came from some great play down the Right, Paris playing a great ball through, for Isla to run onto, the keeper had came out only for Isla to beat her to it and get brought down! Penalty given - Eva given the task of taking it - she made no mistake putting the GK the wrong way! - this was the turning point, Summertown heads dropped and Raiders were playing some great football, Kelis coming on and having a lot of success on the left making a few great runs with lots of space for her to go into.
The third goal - saw some great play from the right again, Sieanna and Isla doing a couple of great one, two’s, for the ball to fall at Sienna’s feet from 15 yards out, she fired it past the GK into the corner! 3-0
With a Couple of knocks - Luke re-shuffling the team, Paris now going right back with Leiah now Left back, putting the girls slightly out of their comfort zone but all doing brilliantly!

The next goal has to be goal of the game!
The build up - Leiah, Macie and Eva all having touches and playing some great football, the ball seemed to just fall at Lara’s feet, from 25 yards out- with everyone in the near vicinity shouting shoot, she kindly obliged and curled it straight into the far top corner! (Hopefully Veo gets sent over, worth a watch)
Raiders playing great and pushing for a 5th but the defence, still had to keep an eye in as Summertown were quick on the break!!
Full time 4-0
Ruby ⚽️
Eva ⚽️
Sienna ⚽️
Lara ⚽️
Girl of the Game- Macie ⭐️

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